Assembly Minutes 01/04/22

Submitted by belinda on Fri, 04/22/2022 - 13:12


Date: 1st April 2022

Venue: The Toronto Community Centenary Hub

Chair: Leon

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Maureen, Leon, Brett, Ria, Judith, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H., Miranda, Terry, Pam, Helen, Susan H., Steve

Apologies: De, Jackie



Meeting opened by Leon. All welcomed with Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law.

Minutes from previous meeting (25/3/22) read by Leon.. Motion to accept from Tonia. Seconded by Brett.



Conveners’  Zoom Meeting Report from Michael H.:

- Meeting mainly centred around discussion of the Commonwealth Custodians – ballot papers; the need for caretakers for each electorate. Caretakers need to take an oath of office. Need to involve the Hunter and Central Coast Assemblies as these cross electorates.

-Mention of Hamish McGregor – serial pest on Common Law sites and chats. Possibly a Freemason.

- Maureen, Michelle and Steve are interested in becoming caretakers.

- Michael to contact Mike Holt re: Caretakers.


- Tonia outlined RDA’s plan for the Election. (How to Make Your Vote Count.) Tonia is team leader for the Hunter. More team leaders needed for the other electorates. Need volunteers to hand out flyers now and at the polling booths. Tonia has sent survey out to candidates. Has explained how it would benefit them to supply the information requested.

- Discussion of whether to use Signal or Telegram for our Assembly’s communication. Assembly voted for Signal as it is open source and therefore a better option.

- T shirt design. Leon showed the Assembly the design he and Jackie have been working on. If you choose to wear one of the T-shirts, you must be prepared to talk about how to vote.

- Michael H. would like to start a Lake Mac Directory of Vendors who are pro choice. Ria will contact the woman who started the ProChoice FB page. Michelle will ask various shops in Toronto about this.

- Steve has expertise in the area of self-defence and can teach members of the Assembly how to defend themselves.

- Brett discussed the importance of Stand in the Park for building awareness in the general community of the deception that is taking place on so many levels. Would welcome support from Assembly members at Warners Bay from 10m – 11am Sundays.

- Discussion of protective type of wallets to stop transmission of data from phones and such.

- Ria: Dawn Kelly (The Inner Compass); Petition of Rights. Will research this. Michelle would like the Assembly to spend one Friday night going through this.

- Michael H. - use of Walkie Talkies. Will bring in a set he purchased recently to show the Assembly.

- Tonia: if anyone is having problems printing out their Charter, she can do this for them.


Meeting closed: 6.50pm

Minutes taken by:  Belinda

Next meeting: Friday 8th April.