Assembly Minutes 25/03/22

Submitted by belinda on Fri, 04/22/2022 - 12:57

Date: 25th March 2022

Venue: The Toronto Community Centenary Hub

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Maureen, Leon, Brett, Ria, De, Judith, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H., Miranda, Terry, Pam, Michael, Helen, Jackie, Susan B., Marianne

Apologies: None


* Register

- Taken by Tonia. Reminder to sign Charter.

* Convener

- Michael opened meeting. Welcomed all present. Read the four Principles of Common Law and the Mission Statement.



* Michael read through last week's Minutes (18.3.22)

-  Problems with uploading Minutes to Mailchimp website. A work in progress!

-  Handed out list of current Barons in England.

- Website for our Assembly ( being organised by Brett.

- Brett offered to also create a BitChute channel for the Assembly.

- Michelle has put together the database of contacts and emailed this to all. Now up to those living in the same area to get in touch.

- 6 Assembly members interested in Central Coast’s Sheriff Training. Need to apply ASAP – only 16 places available!

* Conveners' Meeting Report (Michael H,)

- Assemblies having problems with Mailchimp (especially those with gmail accounts). Mike Holt went through the Mailchimp process.

-  Mike Holt talked about Reclaim and Restore the Commonwealth Strategy.



* Reclaim and Restore the Commonwealth Strategy paper.

- Michael outlined the strategies as described by Mike Holt; Jeff Flood and Keith Charles. (This can be viewed on a Bitchute video – uploaded onto the Assembly’s Signal group.) The Strategy paper is available on the Assembly’s website –

* Living man/woman and Private Trusts

- De suggested that the Assembly have an information session on Living in the Private.


Tonia presented information and flyers about this initiative by RDA. People in our electorate have signed up to work at various polling booths to hand out information about the Independent candidates in the area. More volunteers needed to do this.

Candidates complete a survey which would provide information as to their policies

Design a flyer with the names of all the Independent candidates in the electorate.

* T-shirts

Leon outlined his ideas for creating T-shirts with slogans/logos which could be worn to create talking points/educate the public on how (not) to vote during the upcoming federal election. Various ideas were discussed.

Meeting closed: 6.05pm

Minutes taken by:  Belinda