Assembly Minutes 15.06.22

Submitted by belinda on Tue, 06/21/2022 - 18:21


Date: Wednesday, 15th June 2022

Venue: Church 4 Life

Chair: Michael (Convener)

Attendees: Michael, Ria, Belinda, Tonia, Terry, Pam, Helen, Leon, Kim, Nicole

Apologies: Susan, Bob, Michelle, Miranda, Tom, Judith, Maureen


Meeting opened by Michael and members welcomed.

Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law read by Helen.

Minutes from previous meeting (8/6/22) read by Pam.



  • Modified UAP caps. Nicole passed around a photo of a cap she had modified. Discussion about other possible ways of doing this. Nicole had trialled other methods but this last one seemed the most successful.

  • Information cards/stickers. Nicole passed around samples of a sticker, a pen and a business card she had printed by Vista Print. $20 for 250 business cards; pen and stickers were approximately $3.50 each.

  • Spreadsheet for Stand in the Park. Leon has not been able to make much progress with this as the information from the hierarchy has not been forthcoming.

  • Division of funds. Although Ria had been notified that the three-way split was agreed to unanimously by the Friday night (Lake Macquarie) group, this was then changed a couple of days later, with one member of the group wishing to carry out his own audit.

  • Zoom meetings. Reminder to provide Leon with details of these.


  • Conveners’ Meeting Report. Michael said the meeting had been brief as Mike Holt was still on holiday. The main point had been the suggestion of a National Convention of Common Law Assemblies.

    It was suggested that the Assemblies in our region, namely Central Coast; Hunter; Lake Macquarie and the newly formed Cessnock (?) Assembly, should get together.

ACTION: Michael to contact the other Conveners with this suggestion.

  • Live Birth. Belinda provided information about an alternative way of obtaining a Live Birth document as detailed by Tom Barnett in the BitChute video – How to speak with ‘Authority’. What NOT to do! An Introduction to Common Law. (Posted on the LMCL Signal group.)

    In this video, Tom Barnett also explained the difference between assent and consent and that when we remain silent, this can be taken as assent. He talked about the two roles in Commerce of creditor and debtor. A creditor asks questions and directs; debtor is the inferior role. How to negotiate; the asking of questions; acting honourably were among the many points raised in this video.

  • LawfulMe (from the Living Free Movement). Michael provided some information about this platform. There is a cost involved in joining. There are quite a number of inclusions – templates, letters and notices; weekly live webinars; role play sessions to develop skills in holding position and so on. Assembly members will need to do their own research into this to see if this has any value for them.

  • Immunisation Register. Helen reminded Members to phone and check that your request regarding this has been actioned.

  • Original Sovereign Tribal Federation Identification Card. Kim gave details about the card. Tom will follow up with more information when he returns from working away.

  • Prepping. Members shared ideas. These included suggestions about how to manage without power supply using terracotta pots and candles (Tonia, Ria); EMF protection (Pam, Michael).

  • Role play. Members divided into two groups (one role playing; the other discussing) and then returned to exchange ideas.

    The Role Play group report – Ria was able to hold her own with the belligerent person as she is knowledgeable and has researched well. She maintained her personal space; was respectful in her words and behaviour and maintained the position of creditor most of the time.

    Discussion group report – would be good to have a cheat sheet about Common Law. Would be helpful to brainstorm ideas next week, on a whiteboard, for the creation of a card written in point form containing pertinent information as per The 4-Point Common Law Speech (reading homework from last week).

Meeting ended: 8.45pm (There was no self-defence training as Steve was not present at the meeting.)

Minutes taken by: Belinda

Next meeting: 6pm Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Venue: Church 4 Life, 32 Sixth St. Boolaroo