Assembly Minutes 08.06.22

Submitted by belinda on Tue, 06/14/2022 - 16:48


Date: Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Venue: Church 4 Life

Chair: Michael (Convener)

Attendees: Michael, Ria, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie, Terry, Steve, Pam, Helen, Leon, Miranda, Tom, Kim, Gilly, Bella, Josh, Judith

Apologies: Susan, Bob, Nicole, Maureen, Michelle


Meeting opened by Michael and members welcomed.

Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law read by Josh.

Minutes from previous meeting (1/6/22) read by Terry. Motion to pass Minutes moved Pam; seconded by Steve.


  • UAP caps. Alter for Stand in the Park perhaps with embroidered patches. Tonia no longer has any. Leon may have a few. Nicole is going to chase up extra caps from Geoff Passfield.

  • Stand in the Park T-shirts. Kerrie was unable to provide a sample T-shirt but vouched for the quality. Leon thought that having the Common Law logo on the back of the SITP T-shirts was not a good idea as these were separate movements. Tonia suggested having questions about freedom instead. Judith said that the T-shirts her SITP group had purchased had writing on the front and back. Nicole’s suggestions for business cards and leaflets were distributed. Discussion followed regarding the use of a QR code and inserting the Common Law logo. Suggestions were made regarding a Common Law banner; magnetic stickers and leaflets.

    MOTION proposed by Leon. No Common Law wording on the back of SITP T-shirts as this muddied the waters. Motion seconded by Tonia. Passed by Assembly.

  • Zoom calendar. When sending notifications of zoom meetings to Leon, please just post the link details in Signal as the information via Telegram is not easily transferable.

  • Cotton paper. Details about this provided by Tom. Ria said there were sufficient funds to buy a ream of cotton paper for use by members of the Assembly.

    MOTION proposed by Leon. Use funds to purchase a ream of cotton paper. Seconded by Michael. Motion passed.

  • Financial report tabled by Ria. On 2/6/22 Linda Ryan was informed that Ria was the new Treasurer. LMCLA was chartered 12/3. The date 30/4/22 given by the Friday Night Social Group as the date of the commencement of the two groups meeting separately is incorrect. Discussion about the two-way split – that funds should also go to the Central Coast Activists as they had contributed via various fund raising ventures. Linda Ryan, who was involved with the Friday Night group at the time, agreed, in an email to Tonia, that the monies should be divided three ways. Ria will re-do the funds to reflect the three-way split. The document will then be sent to Linda and taken to the Friday Night Social Group (now known as the Lake Macquarie Group) where it will need to be signed and witnessed.


  • Conveners’ Meeting Report. Leon attended on behalf of Michael and filed the following report:

Attendees. Not all names were fully shown like mine was.

Mike Holt Convened. The meeting was short.

Disruptive procedures were discussed and Mike said that he was going to write up a paragraph to the procedures for dealing with disruptive behaviour. 3 strikes and you are out was agreed to by those attending.

Information was presented about global warming and the associated mistruths in the science. The document presented to the meeting stated that 31000 scientists state that there is no evidence of global man made warming. Carbon being beneficial not problematic to the earth.

Rubina High School QLD going to vaccinate any child at school with or without parental permission. 51, 23a forbids.

Entities and creatures was discussed.

When voiced at you; “who are you”?

Response “Who is the Who, that you are referring to”?

12 Laws of presumption was pointed out as a worthwhile read.

Southport Council was served by the assembly.

  • Stand in the Park. Leon was contacted by the SITP Queensland Co-ordinator with a request to create a spreadsheet of all the NSW SITP locations. The aim of this was to assist with the growth of the organisation. Leon requires the details of the one key person for each location so that this information may be written into the spreadsheet.

  • Affirmation of Allegiance. Tom and Kim took their Oath of Allegiance in the presence of the Assembly, holding the King James Bible, whilst they affirmed their allegiance. The Oaths were printed on Cotton Paper. They were signed and witnessed.

  • Role play was deferred to next meeting due to time constraints.

  • Documents distributed:

    * 12 Presumptions of Law (Leon)

    * The 4-Point Common Law Speech (Michael)  (from > Activate > Speech about Common Law)

General Meeting ended: 7.55pm (Followed by self-defence training.)

Minutes taken by: Belinda 

Next meeting: 6pm Wednesday 15th June 2022  Venue: Church 4 Life, 32 Sixth St. Boolaroo