Assembly Minutes 01.06.22

Submitted by belinda on Tue, 06/07/2022 - 17:18


Date: Wednesday, 1st June 2022

Venue: Church 4 Life

Chair: Michael

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Brett, Ria, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H., Terry, Steve, Kathy, Pam, Helen, Maureen, Leon, Miranda, John, Bob, Tom, Kim, Nicole, Gilly, Bella, Pastor Richard.

Apologies: None


Meeting opened by Michael and members welcomed to the new venue.

Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law read by Miranda.

Minutes from previous meeting (23/5/22) read by Tom. Motion to pass Minutes moved by Ria; seconded by Brett.


  • Sheriff training. Michael heard back from the Central Coast Convener. They used Mike Holt’s Bitchute training videos.

  • Stand in the Park T-shirts. Kerrie reported that to have the writing printed on the front and back of the T-shirts would now cost $280 for ten. The advice was to purchase one size bigger than you would normally wear. Discussion about quality of material. Kerrie will bring one to the Assembly next week.

  • Self-defence to start tonight after General Business.


  • New venue. Pastor Richard welcomed to the Assembly meeting. Steve, Ria and Pastor Richard thanked for all they have done in facilitating this new venue for the Assembly.

  • Convener’s Report. No report this week as there was a blackout at Michael’s house. He emailed Mike Holt to ask about the recording of the zoom meeting but hadn’t heard back.

  • Steering Committee. The Steering Committee met on Monday 30th May after a long break due to rallies and the election. Michael read out the Minutes of this meeting. Topics covered were:

    1.) Finalise funding dispute (Ria to organise).

    2.) Consolidate positions within the Steering Committee and decide how often to meet: names and position read out; Steering Committee will meet every fortnight. Brett suggested that the current nominations for sheriffs may need reconsideration as he initially nominated for the role of sheriff but has since changed his mind; reminder that the Assembly chooses its sheriffs.

    3.) How to implement the four principles of Common Law; Brett proposed the Assembly drops the fourth principle – Keep the peace. He felt that Mike Holt had just added this one. Belinda to investigate. Discussion of the word ‘principle’.

    4.) How to encourage Assembly members to become more involved. Suggestion was to move a motion to create study groups to look at various issues. These groups could also meet up outside of Assembly time and then report back. Gilly asked whether these groups would look at the ‘bigger picture’ such as the WHO treaty and how we should manage this. Brett felt this was more in the line of ‘prepping’.

    Other Business

  • Discussion about the LMCL Signal Group. Propose motion about this to Assembly.

    Meeting ended at 10.50am

  • MOTION to create study groups proposed by Belinda; seconded by Brett. Motion carried. No-one against.

  • MOTION regarding the LMCL Signal Group membership. If members of this group have not attended Assembly meetings for a month nor sent apologies for not attending then their name will be taken off the Signal group. Need to show commitment to the Assembly by regular attendance,

    Motion moved by Nicole; seconded by Brett. Motion carried. No one against.

  • Update re: unincorporating your name. Report back from the small group that met on Monday to work on this. (Ria, Michelle, Leon and Susan). System now wants a title applied (Mr, Mrs etc). Questions raised about ABN and buying your name ($37). Tom said he followed the exact steps in the videos. Suggestion to watch both videos first then go back and work through the steps. Members gave accounts of their experiences to date with tax file numbers and opening non-interest bearing bank accounts. (Bendigo Bank (Wyong) was recommended.) Tom offered to help anyone who was having difficulties unincorporating their name.

  • Use of Cotton Paper. Tom suggested using this for important documents such as Affirmation of Allegiance; Trusts etc as this paper lasts for years without deterioration. Southworth brand available on Must be 100% cotton.

ACTION: Ria suggested that the Assembly could buy a ream of this paper which could then be available to the members.

  • Zoom meetings. Tom reminded the Assembly that the Commonwealth Custodians have their zoom meetings on Mondays (general) and Thursdays (members). Tonia suggested that as there are number of zoom meetings available, perhaps members could choose to view different zoom meetings and then report back to the Assembly.

ACTION: Leon offered to put together a calendar of the different zoom meetings if members could forward these details to him.

  • Stand in the Park. Issue arose last week with a belligerent member of the public. Best policy would be to have one person deal with someone like this rather than multiple people confronting him. Keep discussion to the philosophy of freedom. Suggestion that one of the study groups could role play how to interact with the public. Discussion about going en masse to other SITP sites but Brett felt what makes Stand in the Park work is being present at the same site, same time every week; the more people the better. Perhaps once a month, different SITP groups could get together at a certain venue for a BBQ. Nicole said that Geoff Passfield was happy to donate the UAP yellow caps to be turned into SITP caps. Tonia and Leon said they also had caps they could donate.

ACTION: Collect and prepare these caps for SITP.

  • Posting of Minutes. Tonia suggested posting the Assembly’s Minutes on as well as on as this would allow anyone searching for our Assembly to read about the Assembly’s various undertakings. Belinda explained that sending information about the Assembly to has been problematic. Items take a long time to be uploaded and even when given the information, such as the location of the Assembly, there have been delays and errors. These may be further compounded now that Mike Holt can no longer afford to employ an assistant.

ACTION: Belinda will try posting Minutes on again.

  • Study group topic. How to apply Common Law. Michelle came up with an issue she is having with the Council not mowing the laneway behind her house. Discussion resulted in the suggestion that she get together with her neighbours (work together as a group) and mow the laneway. Don’t engage with Council/Government.

Meeting ended: 8pm (Followed by self-defence training.)

Minutes taken by: Belinda

Next meeting: 6pm Wednesday 8th June 2022

Venue: Church 4 Life, 32 Sixth St. Boolaroo