Assembly Minutes 23.5.22

Submitted by belinda on Tue, 05/31/2022 - 13:47


Date: Monday, 23rd May 2022

Venue: The Toronto Community Centenary Hub

Chair: Michael

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Brett, Ria, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H., Terry, Steve, Kathy, Pam, Helen, Maureen, Judith, Leon, Susan B., Miranda

Guests from Hunter CLA: Tom, Nicole, Kim, Josh

Apologies: Jackie


Meeting opened by Michael and members from the Hunter CLA welcomed.

Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law read by Helen.

Minutes from previous meeting (16/5/22) read by Terry.


  • Michael contacted CCLA Convener re: Sheriff Training Manual. He has yet to hear back.

  • Ria and Steve have visited the Baptist Church in Boolaroo. Details given of site seems suitable for all. Motion moved to trial the new venue from Wednesday 1st June. Motion carried.

  • Kerrie said that the Social Group did not want the sound system as was offered. Difference of opinion as to how much money has been collected and from when.

ACTION: Tonia to check records.

  • Signal Prepping Channel. Brett has suggested putting any prepping information onto the LMCL Signal group for the moment. If the information increases then it might be worthwhile creating another Signal group.


  • Two emails from Mike Holt. The first to say that does support Commonwealth Custodians. The second to ask for donations to support the work of The Assembly voted in principle to make a monthly donation, funds permitting.

ACTION: Convener to raise this at the weekly Conveners’ zoom meeting.

  • Self-defence. Steve asked how many people were interested in learning this and whether it was training for the sheriffs or basic self defence. Eight people indicated their interest.

    Steve then demonstrated some basic self-defence manoeuvres.

ACTION: Steve to develop a self-defence training program (15 minutes duration) which can be implemented after General Business.

  • Unincorporating your name. After navigating the videos, Michelle suggested it would be better to work together in small groups, with perhaps the first one taking place at her house. However, as wifi and space were an issue for Michelle, Ria offered her house as an alternative. Tonia suggested this group work could begin on Monday (30th) and this was agreed to by those concerned.

  • New Venue. Is there a TV monitor available? Steve could bring one in if needed. Ria said that TVs are donated to the op shop from time to time so can put one aside if necessary.

  • Trusts. These are important. Susan said that Trusts can be bought online but these maybe public ones. Anthony Violi (email supplied by Belinda) could be helpful in providing information about trusts. Tom may also have some information to present to the Assembly on trusts.

  • Stand in the Park T-shirts. Update from Kerrie. $18 inclusive. Two weeks turnaround. Question raised about sizes. Judy said that the Belmont Stand in the Park group had ordered more T-shirts - $30 including postage.

  • Stand in the Park Weekly Update. More people from the Assembly needed! A large group attending every week in yellow T-shirts will make an impact. Other ideas included painting left over corflutes yellow; having a different message/question on these each week. Increase awareness of Common Law by hanging a C.L. banner from the folding table (to be donated by Terry).

  • New CL Assemblies. Cristeen, who was involved with organising volunteers for the election, is interested in creating a CL Assembly in Cessnock and would like to attend our Assembly, perhaps next week.

  • Increasing Assembly membership. Michelle suggested a leaflet about Common Law; design a bumper sticker as these attract attention; Kerrie suggested writing something about Common Law on the back of the Stand in the Park T-shirts possibly with the four principles of Common Law and the C.L. logo. Assembly to come up with suggestions for the bumper sticker.

ACTION: Kerrie will find out how much more it will cost to put information on the back of the T-shirts.

  • Post Election. Tonia and Leon thanked everyone for all their hard work. Leon was thanked for his T-shirts. Tonia said that there will be a picnic at Weston for those who had volunteered. Details for this shared via email.

    Discussion about experiences volunteering at the polling centres. Contact AEC if you noticed anything amiss at the election.

Meeting ended: 8.10pm

Minutes taken by: Belinda

Next meeting: Wednesday 1st June 2022

Venue: Church 4 Life, 32 Sixth St. Boolaroo