Assembly Minutes 08/04/22

Submitted by belinda on Fri, 04/22/2022 - 13:31

Chair: Leon

Note taker: Ria

Attendees: Leon, Tonia, Michelle, Judy, Rob, Pam, Maureen, Jackie, Brett, Kathy, Helen, Marianne, Brett Garrad, Dale, Diana, Ulrich

Apologies: Michael, Belinda, Bob



* Sheriff Update:  Too much deep training for the mostly older cohort from here.  Few tips picked up.  Maybe in the future further information required.  Reach out for more people to attend.  Person at Singleton - Sheree – to arrange sheriff who can come here to be speaker at a meeting.  Sheriffs to be sworn in on 23rd April.  Sheriffs mainly serve paperwork but still need knowledge of self defence. 

Action: Leon will contact Sheree from Cali.

* Steve from Common Law to be arranged as a speaker – Tonia believes Friday (Good Friday) so will delay a week (22nd) and remind during the week.

* Postpone Linux due to conflict in timings – put change on Signal site.

* Brett – Stand in the park a good ground for new members.  Discussion around Toronto/Warners Bay and to split the stand in the park sign – Central Coast and Lake Macquarie. Jackie – to take updated information to the butcher near Aldi. 

Easter Sunday suggestion for stand in the park to be a social catchup.

* Discussion re Friday night meeting – some have issues as members of hub wish to come here to socialize. Jackie and Linda do not wish to be involved in arranging Friday night speakers etc.  Tonia suggests meeting is Common Law as that was original set up and the reason this night exists and speakers should be associated to Common Law.  Meetings need to be longer than current 1 hour.  Friday nights have 3 hour time allocation.  Brett concerned re causing a rift with others as some hub members do not wish to be in Common Law.  Common Law is serious and we should not be playing a fiddle while Rome burns.  Leon – all of us are foot soldiers and on the same mission, some may get lost if there is a rift – would hate to see division.   Ria suggested another venue – no as this is central.

* Cali visit Wednesday 6/3 Cherie involved and doing a great job. Steve Sukkor was guest speaker. Talked about what we are doing in C/L, also re parallel election.  He has also spoken at Central Coast and very good. 18 months ago was doing law as a profession, saw what was happening and changed stance.

* Signal Conveners meeting – Brett has put up on site.  Jeff Blood discussed Restoration of Commonwealth – excellent explanation re election. Australian Electoral Commission does not have an ABN as not incorporated.  Seats in Parliament are in caretaker mode.   Custodians of Commonwealth need 3 per electorate.   Hunter and Lake Macquarie have enough to cover – do not need to live in the area.   Caretakers then find suitable candidate.  Dual election – 1 corporation and 1 Commonwealth. Can’t have foot in both C/L and Corporate?  If not a citizen can’t vote? – maybe act in the roll of a scrutineer, still educate, still be involved as part of Commonwealth.  Discussion on how to vote.

* Groups on page:  Linus Workshop group, stand in the park group, Social group – Belinda has sent email, check page to ensure you are there.   Signal is for communications and telegram for the rest.  There are also infiltrators throughout common law groups.

* Ria - Australian Electoral commission has put all surnames in Capital Letters for the first time, was previously always lower case. Rod Cullerton has written to the AEC to confirm election is constitutional.   Will follow up on outcome.   Discussion re election

 * Vote Labor, Liberal, and Greens last.  Hunter has no sitting members due to Joel Fitzgibbon resigning.   Turnbull made voting for senate easy by voting 1 above the line, Minimum number below is 12, use pen.  Several vote for senate by numbering every number below the line

* Tonia is Team leader for Make your vote count group.

* Leon/Jackie - Graphics on how to vote. And T-shirt design. Vista print?  Jackie also gave notice for Doctors etc.


Meeting Concluded at 6.30pm

Brett then loaded USB with Linux info