Assembly Minutes 16.05.22

Submitted by belinda on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 10:12


Date: Monday, 16th May 2022

Venue: The Toronto Community Centenary Hub

Chair: Michael

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Brett, Ria, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H., Terry, Steve, Kathy, Pam, Helen, Maureen, Judith, Helen, Leon, Susan B., Marianne, Susan W.

Guests from Hunter CLA: Tom, Kim, Nicole, Kim, Josh

Apologies: None


Meeting opened by Michael and members from the Hunter CLA welcomed.

Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law read by Leon.

Minutes from previous meeting (9/5/22) read by Leon.

Motion to pass Minutes: Ria. Seconded: Pam


  • Sheriff Training Manual: Michelle - $50 for Handbook but there’s an 8 weeks wait. She has sent Mike Holt an email enquiring whether the Manual was available as a PDF. No reply to date.

ACTION: Michael to email Central Coast Convener to ask what they have used to train their sheriffs.

  • Unincorporating your name: Michelle is in the middle of doing this but has not been able to continue with the process.

ACTION: Leon to ask Steve Sukkar to write up steps for this

Tom will send a digital copy of steps to get out of the system.

  • An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia (UK 1900) has been uploaded onto our website by Brett. Motion passed not to purchase copy of Constitution.

  • LMCL Signal forum – Brett has put together a statement to advise people not to post anything other than CL material on the CL Signal channel.

  • Friday Social group’s demands: Brett outlined the issues to new members. Kerrie suggested each group could meet on alternate Fridays but this idea was rejected a being too complicated and that the Assembly needed to meet weekly. Tonia asked Kerrie to write a list of the names of those in the Social group who are making demands for the funds so that she could ascertain whether they actually made contributions in the first place. Susan B. said that when a donation is made there isn’t an expectation of getting your money back. Pam suggested that where money is involved with any groups, the Treasurer usually presents a report.

    The Assembly agreed that we need to create a ledger and present reports of how the funds are being spent.

    Tonia outlined the current spending to date. These included the purchase of flags; microphone and speaker; printing inks and paper for flyers. It was requested that a key person who attends both the Assembly and Friday Night Social group (Kerrie?) should speak to the Social group and explain how the funds have been spent and remind them that the money was donated for Activism – which is how it has been used.

  • New Venue?: Steve has contact details for church hall in Speers Point.

ACTION: Steve to give this information to Ria and Michael to follow up with a visit to the venue.


  • Letter to AEC: Michael, as Convener, received an email from Mike Holt re: sending a formal complaint in the form of a letter (already composed) to the AEC and CDPP regarding the unlawful election. The Assembly voted to do this.

ACTION: Secretary to send these letters on behalf of the Assembly.

  • Live Birth Certificate. Discussion on the various processes on how to secure this and which ones are viable. Steve will try to get his from the Marter Hospital. Belinda suggested asking for the Medical Records Dept. at the Hospital. Nicole is a midwife and said that she has signed the birth form and that the parents take this to Centrelink. The hospital simply generates a medical record number for the baby to indicate that the birth occurred.

  • Private Trusts. Steve enquired about this.

ACTION: Belinda to post Anthony Violi’s email on the CL Signal group as a contact about these.

  • Election update: Tonia and Leon provided feedback on this.

  • Stand in the Park. More volunteers needed to participate in this. Need signage to inform public about Common Law at this venue.

    T-shirts proving hard to purchase. May need to buy yellow ones and print onto them locally.

ACTION: Kerrie knows someone who has a business doing this. She will make enquiries and report back.

  • WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. Discussion about how this will override the sovereignty/governance of the country.

  • Prepping. Many suggestions about this. Websites and YouTube clips available. Steve can provide details regarding access to boxes of tinned and dried food. Should Brett create a Signal Prepping channel?

ACTION: Ria to provide prepping information from Hunter Valley Freedom Fighters.

  • Ria talked about MSM writing about The Great Reset; The World Economic Forum etc. She referenced (and brought along a copy of) an article by Ian Kirkwood in last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald.


Meeting ended: 8pm

Minutes taken by: Belinda

Next meeting: Monday, 23rd May 2022