Assembly Minutes 22.04.22

Submitted by belinda on Wed, 04/27/2022 - 13:42

Date: Friday, 22nd April 2022

Venue: The Toronto Community Centenary Hub

Chair: Michael

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Brett, Ria, Judith, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H., Miranda, Terry, Pam, Helen, Susan H., Steve, Irene, Ian, Jackie, Cathy, Rachel, Susan H. Ally, Bridget

Guest speaker: Steve Sukkar

Apologies: Leon



Meeting opened by Michael. All welcomed with Mission Statement and the four principles of Common Law. (Tonia)

Minutes from previous meeting (8/4/22) read by Tonia.



  • Sheriff Training – when is the swearing in? Are our sheriffs ready? Bitchute training videos on website.

  • Linux workshop update. Brett has asked everyone to join the Linux Signal group as this will ensure you will receive up-to-date advice regarding Linux and other IT info from him. Workshop next Saturday (30th April).

  • Commonwealth Custodians – Michael. Please consider putting your name down as Caretaker. You don’t have to live in the electorate to be its caretaker. Michael is one of the caretakers for the Hunter. (4 needed for each electorate.) A list of electorates still needing at least one caretaker was passed around the Assembly and is on the Assembly’s Signal group page.



  • Jackie distributed How to Vote stickers.

  • Election update – Tonia. Volunteers needed for pre-polling. Starts May 9th. Toronto and Cooranbong covered. Pre-polling very important as 30% of votes are pre-polled. New candidate (IMOP) signed up for Hunter electorate. Three Independent candidates in Patterson working together.

    ACTION: Please contact Tonia if interested in helping at the election.

  • Health Directory. Michael would like to start a directory of pro-choice health professionals to whom we can go to for any health issues. If you can recommend anyone, please contact Michael or Brett with details. The Directory will be placed on the Assembly’s website:

  • Speakers – Susan Hall: can people who are not part of the Assembly and do not attend Assembly meetings, attend on Fridays to hear invited speakers? This has been discussed many times however, this is not an Assembly issue as the speakers attend after the Assembly meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend but future invited speakers will be talking about Common Law matters. Also, the Hub is only booked for three hours so will need to close by 8pm.

  • Meditation – Michael asked the Assembly if they would be interested in starting each meeting with a 5 minutes meditation? Majority voted in favour of this. (Those who do not want to participate in this are kindly asked to wait outside until the meditation is over.)

    ACTION: Jackie to facilitate this for next week.

  • Walkie Talkies – Michael passed around the Walkie Talkie he has recently purchased. Discussion regarding channels. Brett can provide more information if required. Ham radio group at Boolaroo(?).

  • Go Dark wallets for phones. Pam showed one she had bought. Tested out and worked well!

    ACTION: Pam will provide details at the next meeting for those interested in purchasing one.

  • Group purchases to save postage. Brett suggested this as a way to purchase items eg. he has been looking into a bulk order to buy Stand in the Park T-shirts. Ria said that charities can purchase items more cheaply.

  • Unincorporating your name. Michelle has been working on this. Perhaps a Friday night session to do this?

  • Rally at the Cali. Attendance discussed. Preference given to this rather than the swearing in of sheriffs taking place at the CC Common Law Assembly. Steve Sukkar suggested our Assembly could do their own swearing in of sheriffs as procedure/guidelines are  available on the website. An Assembly appoints its own sheriffs. The Assembly voted to swear in their sheriffs at a later date. 


Meeting ended: 6.20pm

Minutes taken by: Belinda

Next meeting: 29th April 2022